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Kythnos Beaches

Kythnos Beaches

Kythnos Beaches

Kythnos Beaches

Kythnos Beaches

Kythnos Beaches
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Kythnos Beaches

1. Kolona Beach Kythnos

There are two beaches at Kolonna beach. Something enchanting and unique and the beach of Kolona in Kythnos has taken many pictures and is the famous beach in Kythnos and of course not unfair. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Aegean Sea, while due to the peculiarity of the terrain and the two sides of the beach are protected from the air.

2. Fykiada Beach Kythnos

Fygiada beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Kythnos. You will find it next to the dirt road that comes from Apokrousi and Kolona beach. Fykiada Beach is a pleasant surprise and surely if you visit it you will be very pleased.

3. Apokrousi Beach Kythnos

Many visitors rank Apokrousi beach as the best beach of Kythnos. Kythnos has many beautiful beaches all around. Apokrousi beach is a closed bay between low hills peripherals. It has easy access to an asphalt road leading to the beach.

4. Martinakia Beach Kythnos

Martinakia beach is a small beach with some beside Mericha. Mericha can be reached on foot in 5 minutes. From Martinakia beach you can see the edge of Mericha and the harbor of Kythnos, where there are daily ferry connection with various islands, with Piraeus and Lavrio.

5. Episkopi Beach Kythnos

Episkopi Beach is located in a beautiful bay that you will find on Merichas-Chora Street. As soon as you leave Mericha in a short distance, you will have the beautiful beach of Episkopi. Episkopi beach is one of the busiest of Kythnos and many young people are used to visiting it.

6. Loutra Beach Kythnos

Loutra Beach in Kythnos is a very nice beach. Loutra Beach also feature anchorage for yachts. You will find also famouw hot springs beside that run freely and completely free on the right side of Loutra Beach. We definitely recommend that you visit it, because the beach in Loutra is one of the beaches of Kythnos that you have to swim.

7. Beach of Agios Dimitrios Kythnos

Agios Dimitrios beach is located in the village of Agios Dimitrios, located in the south of Kythnos, while it is relatively far from Chora and the port of Mericha. It is worth visiting the beach of Agios Dimitrios.

8. Aliki beach Kythnos

Aliki beach is a wonderful beach, the landscape is wild and is located in southern Kythnos. On the beach there are no trees but the blue waters of the sea and the smell of the Aegean will reward you. You are only the blue-green of the Aegean, the blue of the sky.

9. Lefkes beach Kythnos

Lefkes beach is very close to Dryopida and is a wonderful beach with sand and pebbles. Near the beach of Lefkes you will find the beaches of Sifniou and the beaches of Zogaki and Kouri, which you can walk by food there.

10. Gialos Beach Mericha Kythnos

On many islands in the Cyclades Irlands there are beautiful beaches next to the harbor that approached from boats. In Kythnos, next to Port of Mericha, there is Gialos beach. Mericha is the port of Kythnos, while next to the port you will find Yalos beach. A small beautiful beach with sand and fine pebbles right next to Mericha.

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